What is Total Body Analysis?


Total Body Analysis


Total Body Analysis (TBA) is the main system that I use to help heal your body and maintain its health. It uses an advanced form of kinesiology to figure out what your body needs, which is based on the fact that your body draws a current when it comes across something, such as a vitamin, that it needs. Your body is tested against thousands of vials that contain antidotes to the issues that are affecting your body. The TBA system allows me to use those natural currents to figure out if there is anything harmful in your body, such as pathogens like bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses, or any other toxins that prohibit new cell growth. Along with finding those, your body is tested against disease causing agents that may be in your system, allergies, nutritional levels and stress that your body might be under. Once the TBA is done, an all-natural remedy is made that you take in order to help aid and activate your body to start its healing process as well as detox out the harmful agents. 

Unlike medicines that simply targets symptoms, TBA was created to identify the main problem and rid your body of the symptom by fixing the cause. The key to a healthy body is to understand what we can do to eliminate the toxins that we naturally consume. TBA is the key to this understanding.

Everything has a cause. There are so many factors out there that can affect our bodies, whether it is environmental, something you ate etc. Our bodies get so backed up that it can be hard for it to properly cleanse and fight off what is bothering it. 

A TBA helps your body to focus on what is the worst and to get that out with a remedy that basically draws the map for your body to start healing. 



Price: $70.00 (Includes TBA and Remedy)

Children 12 and Under- $50.00

I do Family Discounts!

$10.00 off for EVERY Person You Refer!

I have a rewards program for every visit you have, when paying $70.00, every 3 appointments, you get $15 off. You must have the punch card for each visit to get this. (I give this to you at your first appointment)