Brandie Kohl Intuitive Work

Brandie Kohl does work out this office by appointment. She has been doing Intuitive work for over 10 years. She is certified and educated in many variations of healing through intuition and energy. Please check out her website for more information.


This is a technique using Young Living essential oils to help support your nervous and cardiovascular systems, along with the structure of your body.

The oils are applied by Vita Flex movement to the bottom of your feet and then applied in feathering movements up your spine.

Relaxing. Energizing. Total Body support!

1 hour session $80.00

Ionic Foot Bath

This focuses on drawing out toxins,chemicals and pathogens out of your body though an Ionic device in a water simulated foot bath.

Foot Bath times can very by need. 

20 minutes $45 is the basic

Toning Forks

Toning Forks are used to reset and realign the energies around and through your body.


Zyto Scan

This device scans your body for the oils and products that is needs to promote and activate wellness.

The scan is done with Young Living.

It takes 10 minutes a scan.

$20.00 a person

Emotional Code

Emotional Code is energy work that releases emotional blocks from systems of our body that are holding that system back.

Emotional Blocks can be genetic or formed during our lifetime.

Each Emotional Block cleared is $5.00 with a TBA  or $65 for a session

If interested, sessions will end with testing what Essential Oils can be used after the releases to help move you forward.